Our Boards

Beautiful home cooked food deserves to be beautifully presented.
My handmade cu
tting boards and serving boards are perfect for preparing
food and serving straight to the table. A good cutting board belongs in
every kitchen. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining guests on a regular basis
you may want to have multiple boards for cutting, cheese tasting, pizzas
hors d'oeuvres, wine tasting and dessert displays.

Experience unique Boards 

Each piece of wood is different in grain and color, even if the wood is the same species.
This makes all our boards unique, in the sense that no 2 boards are the same, where possible all Timber is reclaimed, and cut to achieve the greatest yeild, some pieces are thin some are thicker.
The main Timbers used are, NZ Native's, Rimu, Matai, Rewa Rewa, West Coast Beech, Birch, Kahikatea- White Pine, Kauri, South Island Walnut and Cypress.
We also use imported Exotic Timbers for a special appeal, these are, Tasmainian Ash, American Oak, Mahogony on occassions, Purple Heart, Kwila and Jarrah. 

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